6 Crucial Web Redesign Considerations You should not neglect

Are you planning to redesign your existing website? Needless to say that redesigning your website can flair you with enthusiasm and dreams of achieving maximum returns from your IT investment. In fact, reinventing your website with brand new features, compelling layouts, and a head-turning outlook not only highlights your existence in front of your existing audience but also pulls in the attention of new viewers and potential customers simultaneously. Redesigning your brand online can be quite exciting with ideas running wild in your head. Turning over a new leaf and accompanying that with trend-setting norms are definitely something you should consider.

But have you ever thought about some crucial factors that need to be considered before redesigning your existing website? Here, I am going to emphasize some few important facts that should not be neglected while fitting your site into a new frame.

1. Purpose

We all know how much the design is important and we all intend to create enchanting designs but make sure never overlook the key areas like SEO, content, and functionalities. After all, conversions, paying customers and huge traffic will govern its success or failure.  It’s seen that sites with a history of massive traffic can be vanished their traffic after redesigning the site. To avoid this disaster change, research-based changes should be strategically applied in terms of driving high traffic. So firstly, try to sort out the sole purpose of redesigning your site and then do the necessary modifications.

2. Website Structure

Redesigning your website allows you to reconstruct your website in a better way.  Make sure the site should be well structured in every aspect. Need to keep in mind the loop falls and redevelop your website in a better way for better visibility and credibility.  Again, you need to architect a well structured and intuitive site on a research basis. You are advised to set the following priorities to have better results:

  • Bugs free Coding and tested structure
  • Easily accessible website
  • Easy Navigation points
  • Hot pages
  • Interactive site

3. Responsive Design

Do you want to enhance the look of your website? You must opt for a Responsive website. The redesigning gives the opportunity to look at your site fresh. So, shake your legs with the latest trend by using latest technologies and do something new. Responsive design is hot in the market as everybody carries the latest mobile handset, tablets, iPhones, etc. Responsive web design (RWD) approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience for easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors. Now, you can spread your wings and reach everywhere right from the desktop to pocket of every individual.

4. SEO friendly website redesigning

Another key consideration is SEO. Every site has been designed to get huge traffic and conversions. We should never overlook the prime motive of redesigning the site. I’ve already mentioned that many sites with a history of heavy traffic may decline their credibility just due to loop falls in the structure while redesigning the site. So, let me tell you some important faces during re-conceptualizing the current website:

  • Determine the Important Keyword Phrases
  • Keyword Research
  • Search Engine Advertising
  • Web Site Analytics/Reports
  • Google’s Webmaster Tools
  • Optimizing pages for target keywords
  • Develop relevant tags
  • Develop the navigation and linking structure
  • Determine Which Pages Bring Traffic To The Live Site For Important Keyword Phrases
  • Reuse the important contents
  • Minimize the impact of URL changes
  • Review and redefine the incoming links from other websites

5. Content Development

A well informative, structured and optimized content works like a magnet to drive the quality traffic to your website. Sound writing skill is a pleasant art to attract visitors and have the potential to convert visitors into business-driven customer. So, never over thought the importance of optimized contents and Blogs while redesigning your website. After all, the quality, credible and relevant content will be the most influential factor in determining the success of your new website.

6. Easy to Maintain

At last but not least the maintenance part.  You might be redesigning your site either due to better returns or to enhance the outlook of your website. Whatever the reason is, the site should be convenient and easy to maintain. To attempt the role you need to implement new technologies and latest tools for advanced functionalities.  A Well structured SEO friendly website with fast accessibility and easy navigations can definitely bring high ranking, high sales, and high-profit ratios.


Needless to say that redesigning is a decisive matter and need a long time and dedication along with the budgetary constraints. I hope, this article will help you to understand the dreads in reconstructing your website.  Though you are prohibited to redesign your site, you are advised to do the minor changes and keep the key considerations in mind. A complete panel of a professional team of web designers, web developers, programmers, SEO experts, copywriters, sales team and social media experts every one should be heavily involved and work in proper coordination to deliver a comprehensive and SEO friendly website to generate great revenues from your IT investments.

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