How to Skyrocket Sales & Traffic Through Social Media Marketing?

Imagine sitting idle feeling bored and the first thing you do is pick up your phone and start scrolling through your favourite social media platform. You come across multiple pictures of your friends vacationing in a different part of the world, you come across a world-famous motivational speaker having a one-on-one with you, you come across some scrumptious cooking videos, and most importantly, a post or an advertisement of the product you’ve been looking for so long! How did the product reach your social media feed? Have you heard your friends talk about this brand before? A hundred question runs through your mind as you click the advert and it directs you directly to the official home page of the brand. That, my friend, is social media marketing for you.

Understanding Social Media 

Social Media Marketing is the lifeline of modern-day Internet users. From posting pictures to catching up with your favourite friends and your favourite brands, from skyrocketing your website traffic to being a part of jaw-dropping sales, Social Media Marketing is the root of it all. But, before we explain how businesses are thriving thanks to social media marketing, let us tell you what social media is. 

Needless to say, social media, a series of public forums where you meet new people, new brands, new ideas and inspirations, a place where you air out your grievances, listen to other people’s expert opinions, and more- is a place like nothing you’ve ever seen before. With the big social media platform moguls incorporating more and more features, bridging the gap between people has never been this easy. Understanding this trailblazing scope, business owners, both existing and budding brands, started cashing in on this opportunity, challenging communication to a whole new level. So, if you ask me how social media marketing is pulling up your sales graph- the answer to it is dynamic communication. 

Social Media & It’s Perks 

Communication is key and in order to pull in more than your target group of audience, brands today need to communicate, in every form possible. While pre-internet days would substitute social media with door-to-door marketing, store standees and huge banners, today we can do all of this and more digitally from the comforts of our own home. From corporations and international MNCs to budding business and home-grown labels, there is always ample space in social media marketing for your brand to go. Replacing the traditional marketing tones with the digital one, social media marketing has started breaking boundaries and dropping jaws as it continues to flourish. So, what exactly is social media doing for you? Let us break it down to the bare basics. 

Every time you post a picture, upload a video, shout out a personal message, or advertise a product, offer, or discount, your target audience is watching, liking, and sharing your posts. Even if they are not, they can see you trying to connect with them. This is called engagement, a powerful interactive weapon social media has in its possession. Based on the quality of your communication and the convenience it creates for your customers, your posts and engagements would lead these customers directly to your website and if your website is the epitome of interactivity, information, and brand communication, you can expect your audiences to take the leap towards being a customer. This is primarily how social media attracts customers, guides them towards your website with lucrative offers and then gives you irresistible deals that you just can’t ignore! 

However, making new customers is not enough. You have to hold on to your existing customer base, nurture them and turn their loyalty to your strength. Once again, we go back to social media where not just the new ones, but your old existing customers are looking at you thrive too. Personalizing communication and directing it towards your customers help too!

Modern Problem & Modern Solutions 

Social media marketing and customer engagement may sound like a piece of cake, but here’s the real deal. Running a business is no joke and if you’re directing all your attention to social media marketing, whose going to look after inventory, operations, logistics, finance, administration, and recruitment? While you busy yourself with other integral parts of the business, you can hire an expert social media agency or a Digital Marketing Company in Faridabad and get professional social media managers to personally man your social media page. 

Intricate, strategy-based, and super interactive, social media marketing demands constant attention. Keeping up with the latest social trends, using tips and tricks to increase viewers and engagements, and above all, attracting the attention of the right customer are just some of the basics we are talking. With most social media platforms coming with thorough analytics and numbers showing your growth or progress, you would a second pair of helping hands to map your advert campaigns, post engagements, and more. This definitely calls for a social expert who has honed his or her skills to fit your requirement like a puzzle piece. 

Get Creative 

If you’ve found social media marketing intriguing so far, you’d love to see how it transforms your business. Get your social gloves on, shake hands with a professional social media manager and let’s create magic! 

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