Top 6 Essential Components to build an Online Store

Well, are you ready to take your business to the next level and planning to launch your online shop? Great! But, you must know what exactly your e-commerce website needs to give you the maximum profits. Because, it’s not just about good images and checkout functions, it’s about to know what experience is your website giving to your customers. Online shopping is a competitive business so you have to know the value of a good online store. And, here we are going to explain 6 essential Components to build a good online store, find out how?

  1. Good user experience for mobile users In the growing era of technology and portability in the mobility sector, everyone is using a smartphone to even for fulfilling their shopping needs. In 2013, more than 50% of people shop from mobile instead of desktop, laptops, and computers. To ensure that your website is mobile friendly and can scale every screen resolution without any problems. Mobile markets are rising fastly, and increasing market share in mobile marketing can lead you towards the success, to create a good mobile-friendly web development and promotional strategy to ensure you are getting good conversations, no matter from device and screen resolution.
  2. Simple and easy to check-out The most important factor of killing conversion is the checkout process, you can lose up to 60% customers if your checkout process is not well planned or designed. Make a good balance of good functionality, usability. Because a well designed and interactive interface is the key to success and to get the customers trust also.
  3. Guest Checkout/Sign UpMany online customers want to purchase quickly and they don’t want to waste their time by registering or signing up for an account, so allow your quick shippers a guest checkout functions for their convenience, and allow them to check out as a guest instead of registering for an account.
  4. Good and High-Quality Product PhotographyGood Product Photography is one of the most important aspects of an e-commerce store, so make sure that you are uploading good pictures of your products because the sharp and high-quality product image provides better visually look of the product. Often images online have minor differences that can change the look and feel of your product. This includes a change in color tones, or patterns etched on the product, and even difference in the texture of the product. Clarifying the products with elaborate photography and a detailed description, along with proper sizing guides and similar, can ease out the online shopping experience for your consumers.                                                                                          Before buying a product from an e-commerce store, every customer wants to see the product and if your images are crisp and detailed then definitely it would be great for your website.
  5. Easy and Clear Return PoliciesThe good and clear return policy is the best way to prevent the returns. Well, the first thing to know is, why people/customer returns the product? When a customer found something wrong in the product or if something is missing or it doesn’t perform or look like as advertised on the website. So, always write accurate and clear product descriptions and good return policy for better understanding for customers. And always use easy to understand language or words and make your return policy type clear in terms of Cash, Return, Wallet credit, etc.
  6. Clean Navigation with intuitive User Interface or Experience (UI/UX)Everyone knows the value of User Interface or User Experience. So, be clear about your products or categories and how your online store is structured. A poorly structured website is not able to perform and it took more time to find a specific product for the customer and nobody wants to make extra efforts or waste their time unnecessarily.Make sure that your website has good navigation and intuitive user interface (UI) or it is able to provide a good user experience (UX) to customers. Do clear labeling, and show your important pages in the main navigation.Ensuring a good and user-friendly design of your online store is the key to success. Always perform user testing and set conversion goals to track the performance of your website.

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