Unveiling the Working Style of Search Engines

Can you imagine how impressive it would be if a proper website designing company could pull your online business ranking to the very top? Imagine if your target audiences searched your product or service genre in Google and your brand flashed on the very top of the listing? Search Engines are a boon to online businesses where a simple placement of your brand can open your business up to new potential customers.

Search Engine is undoubtedly the most interesting and important invention after the internet itself!  Without them, information wouldn’t have been readily available for use. In fact, without them accessing information at any point in time wouldn’t have been possible.

When you want certain information on a particular topic, how do you know which webpage have relevant content? If you are like most individuals/readers, you will first visit Google. Not mistaken, there isn’t just Google. In fact, there are several others like Bing, Yahoo, MSN, and Exalted etc.

Role of Search Engines:

Internet search engines help readers to find content relevant to their search query. It crawls the web pages to find the answer to your query. Search addresses like Google even provide an exact result to the questions entered in the search bar, rather than the combination of words. For instance: Nowadays, if a person searches “Which is the best Web Design Company in Faridabad” he/she will get an exact match answer to the query inserted.

In this article, we will tell you how these actually work and how they retrieve information to feed your questions.

How Do They Work?

The working style or underlying principles of every search program are more or less the same. There are three fundamental stages of it: crawling, indexing, and ranking & retrieval. Let us take a look below to understand these stages comprehensively.

  • Crawling – It all starts here! Crawling involves acquirement of data from different websites to answer the search queries. The stage involves skimming the portal for getting complete details of everything on the web like page title, links, images, and keywords these pages contain.

How do they crawl a web page?
To extract information on the millions of the webpage available, a search engine has an automated bot/software – a spider- that visits each page and excerpt words (useful/relevant to search queries) found on the websites. The process of pulling out words and making a list is known as Web crawling.

  • Indexing – This stage involves placing all the data you have crawled in a huge database. The process is not as easy as you think. Suppose you are trying to make a list of all ‘inspiring quotes’ from the books you have read, the name of the author and page number where these quotes are printed. The BIG job right? These data are stored in a vast data center and used for ranking.
  • Ranking & Retrieval – This is the last yet important stage of the performance. You type a query and they try to display the most relevant content to quench your thirst. Although the most complex stage for them, this is most relevant for the users. Here, it works a little differently. Some concentrate on the word combination for showcasing result, some allow you to ask a question and some display result depending upon the age of the content. The Bottom Line:
    This is how they work. Now that you are clear about the working pattern, it is important to follow the guidelines given by these programs. The most important by the titan, Google is Uniqueness and Relevancy.
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