Making Your Website User Friendly and Catchy with the Help of Web Design Company

Most of the website owner mistake by neglecting the usability of their website. Usability is very important for the success of a website, a good user friendly website gives better result and tend to rank higher on Google search. Google loves a website which is made for users and if a user likes your page Google tend to identify that and give you better position. It also helps to boost sales and generate more revenue for your business.

To make your website succeed, you not only need a good looking website but also well-planned user-friendly navigation, which should provide a seamless user experience to your website visitors. There are many ways to make your website user-friendly and catchy and most probably a good website design company in Gurgaon can help you with it.

I am trying to point out a few of the characteristics of user-friendly websites where a web design company can help:

Easy Navigation: A website which is for their use should have easy and prominent navigation and no pages should be 3 clicks away from the home page. I have seen many websites with obscure corner dots that they might think to look cool is a big no-no, a menu on the top of the web page is more user-friendly.

In fact, web design companies that are simultaneously equipped with the latest digital marketing trends, are aware of how a sound layout such the menu bar on the top, category sections on the top left, easy search bar, and more allow users a refined experience, where everything they need is right there waiting for them to explore.

Mobile Compatibility: Mobile users are going day by day and it almost passed the number of desktop users, so a mobile-optimized website is mandatory. First of all, you should check your website on a mobile or you can use the Google mobile site tool to test it. If your website is not optimized for mobile or not responsive you should consider a web design company in Faridabad to help you convert your website or redesign your website to a mobile friendly one.

Well Planned Information: You should try to understand your website goal and decide your website information architecture as per it. If you are a shop in the local market you should provide your address and opening hours more prominently. Your user should not have to click multiple times to find the information.

Easy to Read: Your website should have easy to read fonts and colour, size of the text is very important for a mobile user as well as a desktop user. You should try to access your website on mobile to see if the text is readable or not. If not you should ask web design company or agency in Gurgaon to make them visible enough to your readers.

Tool Tips or Tutorial: If someone visiting your website for the first time you should try to educate them about your website function through tooltips. Most of the website like Facebook, Twitter etc uses tooltips for first time user or whenever they introduce new function at their website.  

Eye Catchy Search Box: Three step navigation and a well-planned information architect certainly help users to navigate easily but now most website users are smart enough to use search boxes. So try to introduce a prominent search box at top of your website so the user can search and avoid the multi-step navigation.

At last, I just want to say that making your website user-friendly and eye catchy is very important and Creative Brain Web a web design company with their expertise in UI and UX can help you achieve your goal.

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