Detailed process of outsourcing a web development company

The web designing and development industry has grown in different ways, among which one is “Scope of Work.” A variety of work comes to a website development company in Gurgaon and other areas. This scenario raises one of the heated debates — whether to go for In-house web development or an outsourced web development approach. 

The outsourcing approach often wins the battle as it has become a cost-saving and workflow-streamlining way for many organizations.

But some companies fear connecting with underdeveloped, inadequate, or unskilled outsourcing teams. If you’re among such companies, you’ve landed on the right page.

This article will offer a comprehensive guide on selecting the right web designing company in Faridabad or near your location for your next outsourcing project.


Detailed Process Of Outsourcing A Web Development Company


Identify Your Goals And Requirements

The first thing every business should start with is clearly determining their web project requirements. It involves identifying goals and current issues that help set feasible expectations to avoid time and resource wastage.

Ask the questions below to analyze your business’s current situation and get a list of exact requirements you will communicate to the outsourced web development company.

  • What is the project’s ultimate goal?

The goals can be anything from driving the targeted traffic and capturing convertible leads to increasing brand awareness and growing your mailing list. It depends on what your business needs in the long run.

  • What is the budget?

Setting a budget will help a business provide a realistic project scope.

  • What are the website’s requirements?

List down what you want in the website in terms of designs and functionality and convey them to the outsourcing agency by drafting all points in a document.

  • What pain points do the business need to solve?

Check for the issues you want to solve in the current website, like a higher bounce rate, slow loading speed, etc. It will help the outsourcing agency to find the best solutions.

Choose The Right Outsourcing Model

There are different outsourcing models, among which you can choose one that can help in picking the right web development company in Gurgoan for the outsourcing project.

Here are the different models:

  • Onshore Outsourcing

It involves contracting out the web development activities to areas within your region or country. The model helps a business avoid cultural and linguistic obstacles.

  • Nearshore Outsourcing

It involves outsourcing a project to a company in the same or nearby time zone. The model offers better cost-saving options as compared to the previously explained option.

  • Offshore Outsourcing

It involves outsourcing a project to a company in a foreign country. The model offers access to a pool of diverse specialists and is also a cost-effective option.

Consider All Factors While Choosing An Agency

Here are some factors to consider:

  • Experience: Ask each agency you shortlist whether they have any experience creating web projects in your respective field, niche, or industry.
  • Portfolio: Check their portfolio to know what types of projects the company has worked on and analyze their quality.
  • Technology: Check the tools and technology the potential vendor web development agency uses and how proficiently.
  • Team: Review the staff skills and experience.
  • Customer feedback: Check the company’s websites and other sites for independent reviews of their services by existing or previous clients. This will tell how well they well able to deliver the projects.

Hire The Right Agency

The agency you hire must be able to present in-depth competitive and market research and a clarified overview of the entire project. Plus, it should offer:

  • Flexibility: To allow you to add or reduce the web design and development team members as needed or based on their core competencies and skills.
  • Precise pricing: The agency must provide a precise pricing plan that includes potential extra costs they may charge during the process.
  • Timelines and deadlines: The agency must communicate the project’s progress frequently to ensure it is moving according to the agreed schedule.
  • Project management: The agency should conduct and deliver the web design project without you having to supervise constantly. Their project managers must keep you in the loop and supervise the designers and developers to meet the project’s scope and timeline.

Set The KPIs

Don’t forget to establish practical, measurable key performance indicators (KPIs). When setting the project’s KPIs, keep the below things in mind:

  • You should be able to measure the in numerical terms (quantity, percentage, volume, time, etc.)
  • They should be aligned with both short-term and long-term goals, like improving loading speed, getting a higher conversion rate, etc.
  • Determine the “weight” of each KPI and their achievement levels. Rank them in the order you want them to be achieved.
  • Put your heads together with the outsourced service provider to set the KPIs. Review their progress and how they are planning to achieve such KPIs.


Outsourcing a web development project can be overwhelming. Although, the steps mentioned above will help you make the task easier. If you still want a reliable outsourcing company, Creative Brainweb can be your find. 

It is a web designing company in Faridabad having the best industry experts that can help you complete projects related to any industry, niche, or field. Request a quote today!

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