How to Create Awesome Product Landing Pages?

Product landing pages play a crucial part in creating an online presence for any business. Audiences online are always in the lookout for elaboration, especially when it comes to products. A separate landing page at a time like this, multiples the audience’s viewing interest, indirectly incorporating longer stays and reduced bounce rates from your website. Apart from increasing viewer engagement within the website, a landing page is also crucial for Search Engine ranking where accurate layouts and precision content allows the Search Engines a better crawling opportunity.

It is thus imperative to create a landing page which is attractive and informative at the same time to invoke viewers curiosity to look further. Every business is trying to come up with creative landing page designs to stay ahead of the competition. Many businesses approach established website designing company such as Creative Brain Web to get the needful done. If you think your business has been lagging behind then reconsider your product landing page design. This can be one of the main reasons why you aren’t being approached by new clients.

Here are a few tips and tricks to create awesome product landing pages:

Keep the Layout Simple

It is always best to keep the layout simple and minimalistic. This will keep the viewer’s mind focused on your products and services rather than unnecessary visual elements. The simple design will also help the page load faster thereby increasing its accessibility. The font should preferably be bigger so that the viewers do not find it hard to read.

Give a Catchy Headline

Your landing page’s headline, to a large extent, determines whether the readers shall go ahead and read the rest of the content or bid goodbye to your page. The headline should thus be such that it captures the reader’s attention at once. It should give an idea about your product and services in a short and crisp manner. It should preferably be limited to 10 to 15 words.

Insert Attractive Images

Besides the headline, it is the images on the page that can work the magic for you. The more attractive and interesting images you insert the better conversion rate you are likely to get. Our brain processes images much faster than text which means images can make an instant impact. It is recommended to insert big, bright, high-quality images that are relevant to your product and services.

Include Rich and Engaging Content

The content you add must be engaging. It should cover an overview of the product and services you are selling. It should give a clear idea about your services in short. The language used must be easy to comprehend and should not include any jargons. It is best to seek help from a good SEO company to spin the right kind of content.

Add Trust Signals

Trust signals help in building goodwill in the market which is essential to fetch new clients. For this purpose, you may add the names and logos of all the brands you have already worked with or are catering to at present. Testimonials from your clients are yet another effective trust signals. They help in increasing your credibility and creating trust among prospective clients. Apart from this, it is also a good idea to add the images of happy customers and dedicated employees from the events you may have organized.

Make it SEO Optimized

Make your landing page SEO optimized so that it appears in the top search results on Google. There is a lot that goes into establishing an SEO optimized page. It includes placing the keywords strategically across the content, creating meta tags, using descriptive alt tags for pictures and much more. The task is intricate and it is best to get it done by a professional. Choose a good SEO company such as Creative Brain Web to accomplish this task for you while you concentrate on providing quality services to your clients.

Make it Mobile Friendly

Most people these days access the internet from their mobile only. It is thus essential to ensure that the layout and interface of your landing page are mobile friendly. Your landing page must load fast on the mobile devices and the readers must be able to navigate easily through it. It has been observed that businesses with mobile-friendly landing pages have a much higher conversion rate.

Insert a Relevant Video

Videos draw greater clicks compared to text. People these days prefer watching videos than going through lengthy content. The video added must be interesting, engaging and to the point so that the viewers watch it till the end. It should cover all the essential information about your services and leave them yearning for more.

Effective Call to Action

An effective call to action is an essential part of an awesome product landing page. After all, this is what will lead to conversion. Make it exciting, interesting and compelling at the same time. It is suggested to use a contrasting color for your CTA and add a striking graphic to draw attention. Add a button to make the task simple for the readers.

Finally, test and track results for your landing page and improvise it for better results if you see any loopholes or aren’t satisfied with the traffic it is drawing! We recommend you outsource this task to a good Web designing company such as Creative Brain Web for best results!

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