How To Get Your Blog Posts Ranked #1 On Google?

If there is one thing that can give a blogger a high, it is a good Google ranking. If your blog posts are garnering top rank on Google then you sure are putting all your efforts in the right direction. However, if you are finding it hard to up your game even after putting in all your efforts then the following tips should help. Here is how to get your blog posts ranked #1 on Google:

How to Ranked #1 On Google?Keyword Research

Keyword research is an integral part of search engine optimization. It is essential to carry out extensive research to identify the keywords your prospective customers may be targeting. Also, search for related keywords that have the capacity to rank higher. There are many keyword research tools that shall help you find out which keywords you should target to fetch better Google ranking. You may use these tools or better still assign the task to an established agency that offers SEO services.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging extensively comes under the on-page SEO umbrella, and yet is crucial to push your website rank to the top. Brand owners or marketers often use this technique to increase their on-site traffic, using keyword integrated third-party blogs or excerpts in different social forums or guest blog posting web platforms.

On-Page SEO

Now that you have identified the target keywords, it is time to use these strategies in the content you spin for your website, blog and social media posts. The use of keywords must be just right to ensure you get top ranking in Google. Overuse of keywords can be as bad for your web ranking as not using them at all. Your primary keyword should ideally form a part of the title tag, meta description, alt image tags, and URL. Your blog or article must include primary as well as secondary keywords at different places throughout the content. There are certain plug-ins that can help you place the keywords tactfully in the content. Or better still seek SEO services from a professional.

Content Format

The blog post format you choose also plays a major role in your website’s ranking. Some blog formats tend to get more shares and likes that help in improving the ranking to a large extent. For instance, lists or round-up blog posts fetch better rankings as these are more readable and readers recommend and share these more than other formats. Quiz on current affairs or opinion forming content also fetches good ranking. ‘How to’ and ‘Why’ posts also rank high.

Conversational Style

Conversational tone works best for blogs. This makes reading and understanding easier and interesting. Readers always look for content that is not only informative but also easy to understand and that is what increases its popularity. Use of jargons works otherwise and it should thus be avoided.

Short Paragraphs and Headers

It is recommended to keep the sentences short and crisp and also keep the paragraphs short. This format makes it easier for readers to read the content. Adding subheads and bullets makes the content all the more readable.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing plays a vital role in fetching a good ranking for your blog. The more you share your blog links on different social media handles, the more popularity it shall gain and the better it will rank on Google. Promote your page on all the social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and see how it moves up the ladder. Website designing companies these days do not just provide basic web designing services but offer a complete package including social media marketing. It is better to get the task handled by a professional rather than managing it on your own.


When aiming to reach the top spot on Google search result, it is imperative to get backlinks for your blog. Quality content stuffed with the right amount of keywords coupled with good backlinks is the perfect recipe for high Google ranking. However, make sure you build backlinks gradually and not all at once as this may lead to penalization by Google. There are many ways to get backlinks. You can do it on your own however it is always better to get it done from a professional just like various
other SEO services.


A good article or blog is one that covers all aspects of the topic being covered. It has been seen that pages that rank high on Google mostly have content which is all-inclusive. After all, a good blog post is certainly the one wherein the reader gets everything in one place and doesn’t have to waste time looking for more. However, having said that, there have been instances wherein short and crisp content has also seen a high ranking. It is thus essential not to focus on the word count but on the quality of content being included. Aim for good quality content with exhaustive information without worrying about the word count.

We hope these tips help your blog gain top Google rank. Good Luck!

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