Voice Search SEO Optimization – Advanced Tips and Strategies

The introduction of smartphones gave rise to the concept of voice search. Initially, voice search was not a well-talked topic in the digitally driven industry, but now it has turned into something that people are not getting enough of it. The feature gives you the option to search products & services on the internet-based platform with ease and saves you from the trouble of typing the things in the search box. 

The use of voice search is increasing at a rapid rate as people are swiftly moving to their mobile assistants to search for their needs. The businesses that have identified this feature as an opportunity are the ones driving the targeted audience to their doorstep. At a time when the voice search era is going on, it becomes crucial for all businesses to create optimized content to survive and succeed in the competition. 

Getting one of the top search engine rankings is not as easy as taking a walk in a garden. You need to develop effective strategies that can make your business pop up whenever anyone speaks on Google’s assistant to find things that you offer. If you are thinking about how to create an effective strategy that can promise you positive outcomes, then we are here to help you out.

We are mentioning five steps that can help you create a compelling and optimized voice search strategy:

Step 1: Start by optimizing your business listings – It’s critical that you keep your business listings clean and consistently update the data, such as your phone number, address, name, and reviews. The inaccurate and missing data can diverge multiple opportunities from your door to your competitors, which you certainly don’t want. Therefore, optimize your business listings.

Step 2: Add power boosters to your website’s speed- The loading speed of your website also matters in voice search. With so many options on the table, no potential customer will sit around waiting for your site to load. The digital users want on-the-go results, and this is the reason why they opted for voice search. In addition to this, Google has also announced its “Speed update” that considers your website speed on mobile devices to rank it well on its platform. The average time for a mobile landing page to load is 3 seconds.

Step 3: Develop content that involves questions- Around 41% of people across the globe use voice search like they are talking to their friends. Instead of saying the keywords like “the best SEO company,” they ask questions like “how an SEO company is going to benefit my business.” Therefore, creating content by incorporating questions that your potential customers can ask, you can smoothly drive them towards your business. You can also make use of long-tail keywords that will assist you in answering natural language questions better.

Step 4: Answer questions through content- When you perform optimization for featured snippets, you are also optimizing for voice search. The reason behind this is that approximately 41% of voice search answers are driven from featured snippets. 

To make your content strategy work good, here are a few things you can do:

  • Create content provide answers to the questions as to drive conversions at an easy reading level. 
  • Keep updating your content. Fresh content drives better conversions.
  • Markup language: Properly mark the questions in <h2> headers.
  • Go on Google My Business Questions and Answers section and provide answers to already existing questions.
  • Create questions that create curiosity about your products and services as it will help you to get better conversions.

If you are confused about what type of content to create, then check your review and find what question people have there that will become the foundation for your content creation strategy.

Step 5: Time to test it – To ensure the workability of the voice search, it’s to test it proactively.

You can test voice search by:

  • Test it on multiple devices: You can test the voice search facility on Mobile or Google Assistant, Smart Speakers, Alexa, Siri, and Cortana.
  • What are the outcomes: Check from where the answers are pulled from.
  • Listings: How many listings each device or assistant offers.
  • Rankings: The content created to answer common questions is taking you where on the search engine rankings. Are you able to rank better than your competitors?

The voice search facility is taking a step forward with each passing year, and the day is not far when everyone on the digital platform is talking about it. It is the new marketing trend that every digital marketer must focus on to stay at the top of the competitive curve.

The top tech giants like Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, and Google are already on the move to establish an optimized voice search strategy to stay way ahead than the competition.

The steps listed above will surely help to develop an effective voice search optimization strategy so that your brand can make a buzz in the digital world.

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