What Are The Common Technical SEO Mistakes To Avoid?

Does your website not rank high on search engines despite the best efforts? So, it’s time to execute site audits that will unveil the technical SEO issues on your website that are holding it down.

Many website owners always find some common technical issues that have significant consequences for SEO. An SEO company in Faridabad can help fix all the issues to make a site rank high on SERPs. 

But if you want to take the job in your hand, this article can help. Here, we are listing down all the common technical issues and a way to fix them. 

No HTTPS Security

At the start of any website URL, you must have noticed “https,” which stands for “hypertext transfer protocol,” and the “S” stands for “secure.” 

Securing your site using “https” will ensure that all incoming and outgoing data is encrypted, making it very difficult for third parties to intercept the information.

Not having the security certificate will make users instantly navigate away from the site, contributing more to the bounce rate.


Get an SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority and install it on your site.

Indexing Not Done Correctly

Even after searching your business with the brand name, your site doesn’t show up in the search results; there might be a problem with its indexation. 

If a web page or website is not indexed, it does not exist for Google and will not be simply shown in its search results.

Check how many pages on your site are indexed by putting your site’s URL in Google’s search bar. 


  • If the entire site is not indexed, the first thing you must do is add your URL to Google.
  • If the site is indexed, but showing more results than expected, review to find the old or spam versions of the site that are indexed in place of the proper redirects.
  • If the site is indexed, but showing less than expected, audit the indexed content and check it against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to ensure the content is compliant.
  • If the results are different than you expected, confirm that the pages are not blocked by your robots.txt file.

No XML Sitemaps

XML sitemaps allow Google search bots to understand the site pages better to effectively and intelligently crawl a site.

To check whether your website has a sitemap, type its domain name into the Google search bar and add “/sitemap.xml” to the end. If your site has a site map, a document tree will be shown in the results.


When your site does not have XML sitemaps, you can create one with the assistance of an SEO company in Faridabad. A sitemap generating tool can also help you with the task. For a WordPress site, betting on the Yoast SEO plugin can be a fair decision.

Slow Page Speed

If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, the users will move on to your competitors. Page speed adds to user experience, which is considered a significant ranking factor. 

Google PageSpeed Insights can help you detect the page speed of your website. Monitor and solve page speed issues to boost its tanking across SERPs.


  • Optimize the website
  • Compress image sizes
  • Improve browser caching
  • Work on improving server response time
  • Minify Javascript

Speak with the best SEO services in Faridabad to get the best possible solution for page speed issues.

Duplicate Content

With the digital marketplace flooding with billions of websites, the problem of duplicate content is coming more to the surface. 

Duplicate content confuses Google and forces it to choose any one of the identical pages to rank in the top results, with a high possibility that the authentic page will not be the one chosen. 

Duplicate content can occur for many reasons:

  • When an E-commerce site list items that appear on numerous versions of the same URL.
  • Printer-only web pages replicate content on the home or landing page.
  • The same content occurs in several languages on a global site.


One can resolve each of these three issues respectively with:

  • Proper rel=canonical
  • Sound configuration 
  • Correct implementation of hreflang tags.
  • Use of 301 redirects and top-level domains
  • Limiting boilerplate content

Broken Links

Quality backlinks indicate to Google that you have high-quality content. Although, without any updation or constant optimization, even the good links break. 

Broken links interrupt the searcher’s journey giving them reasons to move to competitors.


While internal linking, ensure that proper redirects are implemented. In case of external linking, don’t forget to monitor them regularly. To remove old and broken links to and from your site, run regular site audits. Remove or fix those links to give the site’s SEO a boost.

Parting Thoughts

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are a few more technical issues that can hold down your site’s ranking. Consult with the right SEO agency in Faridabad to get reliable solutions for all technical glitches. 

Creative Brainweb is one such SEO company that can help you improve your SERP visibility. Get in touch with us today to get ahead of the curve and secure your site’s position in search results.

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