Top Most-Known Website Design Trends for 2019

Designers have creative minds and they are always setting up new trends for the beginners. The need for a website is growing rapidly as many businesses have started using the Internet for their businesses. The need of a website designer is also high in demands and in this situation, you must know the website design trends of this current year to provide good services to clients.

If you are a start-up, then you need to choose a reliable website designing company who have prior experiences of designing and developing a website as per your requirements. You should not be fooled by a non-experienced company. On the other hand, with small technician skill, you too can become a website designer and can design your own website. For that, you have to follow the Website Design Trends which are enlisted below.

Website Design Trends

Top Website Design Trends for 2019

1. Accessible Design

Accessible Design of your website makes the disable people to explore the different functions and products and services listed on a website. While designing a company’s website, you need to keep this thing in mind as people are very enthusiastic and want to explore everything available on your website if they really want to avail the services listed on it.

2. Responsive Design

Responsive design is one the best example of latest website design trends, if you are looking in 2019. The use of smartphone devices is increasing day by day. In fact, we all use a smartphone and explore different types of websites within our hands. What you need to keep in mind here is that pick a responsive theme which can fit well on different screen sizes. It should be responsive enough to fit well on Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop and Computer’s screens. Responsive Design will attract a number of users and you will see good results at the end.

3. Make use of Chatbots

Chatbots are increasingly popular in today’s time. You might have come across to the same when you open a new website of different services. Chatbots are there to help your customers with their most common queries. Chatbots are nothing but an automated Chatbot which is there to help the website visitors who can ask questions and the Chatbot will respond to their queries quickly.

Chatbots are very special for businesses who offer different types of services or selling products online. You can implement Chatbot on a website if you have a large number of customers.

4. Adding Animations

Everyone likes to explore the websites which are visually rich. What you need to do here is add more animations to different functions and pages of your website. Images, cartoons and many other types of animations should be there on your website’s front-page and other pages. The animation can make your website look rich and it offers an interactive environment which can convert your visitors into your customers.

5. Micro-interactions

Micro Interactions are a new way of guiding your customers through animations. These animations work as per your requests. Whenever you click something on a website, a micro interaction comes to rescue and will provide better engagement to let you surf the other options and tools available on the website.

Micro Interactions are highly customizable and you can customize them as per your requirements. These interactions can work with the cursor of your mouse when you move a cursor, an interactive animation will be presented to you with proper details.

6. Add Social Proof

Social Proof is the latest trend to attract new customers. When you explore a service-related website, you will see success rates and social proof left by the users who have availed their services.

Try to add testimonials of the users and make new users engaging with your services. New visitors definitely explore this section to know about your product and services.

7. Website Fonts

Website Fonts should be unique enough to attract new customers. When your website has catchy fonts, users will like to read more of your website. You can change the style of your website by using multiple fonts for different sections. The website font also increases the credibility of your website and improves the interactions between you and your customers.

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